Don't Let It Go To Your Head

by Rushmore

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This is the debut album from the duo, Rushmore. This uncanny Hip-Hop group was formed back in March over facebook-- between two good friends, and ever since, the two artists (Brother Sam and Maddie Bloom) have been working hard on this gem, a debut for everyone to enjoy. The entire album is self produced by Maddie Bloom and Brother Sam, and was master by their good friend Jared Kennedy. I hope you enjoy it as much as they did creating it.


released July 20, 2012

The album was produced entirely by Brother Sam and Maddie Bloom. The writing was produced entirely by Brother Sam and Maddie Bloom-- not including Mikey Smith's featured spot on Like Shipwrecks.

Thank you to Mikey Smith for the guest vocals, all credits regarding lyrics go to him. Thank you again!

And last but definitely not least! Thank you to Jared Kennedy for the great job on mastering the album!



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Rushmore Watertown, New York

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Track Name: Sorority Girls; Rushmore
Brother Sam:
Imma skipped stone from the shore, but the feelings won’t sink in.

Maddie Bloom:
I just follow in the steps that i've already taken

Brother Sam:
In a back yard, shooting star, wish she’d say it but

Maddie Bloom:
I just keep my head up; speak soft and listen

Brother Sam:
When the time comes, blow up, I don’t need a reason 'cause

Maddie Bloom:
There's a light in my head that i always keep on

Brother Sam:
In my head, in your bed, I’m a fuckin' dead man

Maddie Bloom:
There's a road that i take when i just wanna race the sun

Brother Sam:
Now I'm seated on a bench, saying goodbye to a broken blonde.

Maddie Bloom:
I'm sorry but i just had to get away

Brother Sam:
She has no ID, but I’m tied to a debutante,

Maddie Bloom:
I couldn't stand to stay just one more day

Brother Sam:
We all ready wrestled tongue, now we gotta getta move on.

Maddie Bloom:
there's just too much madness on my mind

Brother Sam:
'Cause She keeps texting, asking me where I’ve gone
(And babe, I reply)

Maddie Bloom:
Shit like this just tends to take some time


Brother Sam:
I'm never comin' home!

Maddie Bloom:
So while i'm crossing borders and i'm writing all these love songs
I'll write your name in cursive onto every single bar top
Track Name: For Hermione (Forever Ago)
Coming Soon!
Track Name: Five Hundred Days
Brother Sam: (Intro)
Yeah, Maddie Bloom, I bet all the chicks will love this!
Just, don't let it go to your head. Yeah.

Brother Sam:
By the time that I met her, she was all ready hammered. That didn't really matter, cuz I never thought to nail her.
For her eyes id compromise, before they drive me insane, a smile I would die for, a wild thing in pain.

Maddie Bloom:
i woke up with the birds and not a dollar to my name
there's living life and living large; to me it's all the same
my baby, she's a firework; she likes to sing me gospel
a rolling stone with brown eyes, locked in a time capsule

Brother Sam:
Asked what she smoked, shoved a clove in my way, inhaled a deep breath and blew it on her face.
Then She asked me my name and I repeated Casey, she called me brother sam, yeah that's it baby!

Maddie Bloom:
i spend way too many minutes watching episodes of daily grace
there's days that go by that i never see my own face
not that i mind; even broken records sound divine
go satisfy your own life, i'll keep running train on mine.

Maddie Bloom: (Chorus/ Hook)
So, take your time.
and try and find
your island in the sun
your lost semantics
I'm a liar for fun
I'm a torn romantic
Just, take your time...

Brother Sam:
This is for the peacock chick with those colors on her wrist. You're cute when you bitch, it's the music I'll admit it.
But never to your face, in reality I love you, I'll admit that too. What the fuck I got to lose?

Maddie Bloom:
today i wrote a couple verses and then turned them into airplanes
my ex used to tell me that's what makes me so insane
that i can't believe in anything that i can't hold within my hand
but she had no space to speak; she's as real as tupac as a hologram

Brother Sam:
Five days of summer, slept on different couches, a 60 day dream.. And I still remember all of it.
It rings in my ears, the days that we had, bride wars in your dorm, kissing on your bed. Yupp.

Maddie Bloom:
For 500 days we thought we had it figured out,
but when your so far north things can only travel south
as if negligence was something that was meant to be admired
she complained the rooms too cold so I set that shit on fire.

Maddie Bloom: (Chorus/Hook)
Track Name: It's Just One Of Those Things
Maddie Bloom:
is this love?
am i a witness?
is this pain?
am i a victim?
we're not okay
just 'cause we're together
like p.o.s
we're never better
i guess that it's just
one of those things
you either live with
or you fall asleep
see, i'm home alone
even though you're next to me
it's what it always was
and what it's meant to be

Brother Sam:
In alla my dreams I neva share your lips. I just call request upon those lucid hips.
When they grip the handle; pull tricks from the crypt, alla my friends on their ego trip.
When the time comes, theyll all lie alone. And I'll stand if she ever gets off her cellphone.
The verdict was again, you only dated handsome men. But for this fuck you'd suck me off, but if anything.

Maddie Bloom: (Chorus/Hook)
remember me for the words i create
remember me for the mess that i made
remember me for my heavy heart i kept at bay
remember me for the lines that i drew
remember me for the things i cling to
remember me for my last words i said to you
just remember me for anything
just remember me for something

Brother Sam:
And I hope these bars reach past this town, and when I come around they treat me like I was never down.
I know I'm better off but I wanna get back on! Am I getting this right, just tell me if I'm wrong.
I'm trying to drive those benzs, pay off my moms expenses, Spit honest lyrics, Not sure what y'all expecting
But Clothes cars cash hoes you know I want it, it's just one of those things. Can't a fucker flaunt it?

Maddie Bloom:
is this love?
am i a witness?
is this pain?
am i a victim?
fuck this place
fuck my name
fuck these pills
that keep me sane

Brother Sam:
Another damn dream dying 'nother chick on my phone screen.
Slender legs in a summer dress, I guess I'll be lonely.
All the the constant prying, hide behind a smoke screen. I beg your fuckin' pardon? It's just one of those things?
That's a lame ass excuse, and you use it so much, it's abuse to my conscious, I know for you it's a rush
But Can I be a man over all this crying,
Can I hold your hand after all the lying. please?

Maddie Bloom: (Chorus/Hook)

Brother Sam:
And I need to get out, I can't take it anymore. We came out swingin early, passed down like folk lore.
The more I dream the more it escapes me. The metaphors we use, put a mask on, subtlety
And I can make a mess like nobodies fuckin business.
So don't go talking shit
Tellin me who you slept with
My heart froze from the cold and it can't melt again, thats what I should be tellin chicks but instead, I keep sayin'...

Maddie Bloom: (Spoken Word)
i don't do anything i can't foresee an outcome in
thats why my past loves end before they can begin
if you ever wonder why i never tried to hold your hand
is 'cause if i did i'd fucking grace it with a wedding band

Maddie Bloom:
so look into my eyes
this is realness
you're with another guy?
i'm crossing off my list
i'm on page six
i hope you're getting pissed
i'm could get used to this

Brother Sam: (Outro)
So, When you're sittin' alone, drinking your red wine-- ya' know-- thinkin' about all those frat guys you fucked. Just remember me, remember me for anything; for something, remember me as the, fucking, one... Because I'm not.
Track Name: Born With The Butterflies
Coming Soon!
Track Name: The Canvas And The Frame
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Track Name: Stand For Something
Coming Soon!
Track Name: Dirty Money
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Track Name: My Love, My Love, My Love
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Track Name: Ice Cavern; Power Animal
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Track Name: Don't Let It Go To Your Head
None Available.
Track Name: Like Shipwrecks (Ft. Mikey Smith)
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